Range Maintenance Scheduled - Completed

I wanted to thank those members that showed up to help with the bullet trap service work, range cleaning and cabling (Dean and Charlie).

All together, there was about 8 of us. Very disappointing turnout considering we have over 200 members! Please remember that we are all MEMBERS of the same club. Everyone needs to contribute some effort to make this club a success. We can't expect the same 8-10 people to shoulder all of the work.

Next work day, please volunteer some of your time to help.



Here is the link to the NYSP web site for recertification of your pistol license as required under the SAFE Act. If your license was issued before January 15, 2013, you are required to complete your recertification before January 31, 2018.


User Accounts Active

Anyone who had a user account on the old Paris Gun Club Site AND has renewed their membership in the club has been added as an active user to the new site. Those that have not renewed their membership have had their account loaded but blocked. To get your account unblocked you can renew your dues in the club and the account will be unblocked.

All forums are for account holders only to post. Anyone can read the forums.

New website is up and running

This is an updated version of our website. We have migrated to a new package to maintain the site.

We are still working on the overall look and feel of the sight. As you may notice some of the images are not showing properly and that will be fixed soon.

All existing members of the sight that have renewed their membership with the Gun Club will be migrated to this sight within the next couple of days. You will receive an email notice of your new account with instructions to login for the first time and change your password.

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